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Referrals & Resources
The questions listed below were the same questions I asked of myself early in my life. But only through God and His word have I found the answers to these questions. He used several means to get His message across to me like the church, the advice and testimonies of other Godly people, my own experiences, my family, Christian books and the internet.

If you click a question, it will lead you to a website that I recommend and consider a good resource in answering your questions. These websites are also some of my favorites.

BUT NOTHING BEATS THE BIBLE AND LOTS OF PRAYER! God's word remains to be the PRIMARY ANSWER to all our questions.

Whatever stage you are in, whether you're confused, searching or have already found the answer, I will still encourage you to check out this page and its links. Thanks.

How can God really love me?

Who is Jesus? How can He save me and bring hope in my life?

Who is Jesus? Am I ready for Him?

What the Bible says about homosexuality?
Need more help or resources?  Check out the websites below.

Exodus International (a Christian referral and information ministry dealing with homosexual issues in the world today)

Exodus Youth

Desert Stream Ministries (provides programs and resources about Christ's healing of sexual and relational brokeness - GOOD FOR CHURCHES & PASTORS!)

Regeneration Books (Christian resources for healing homosexuality and brokeness)

National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH)

Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays (P-FOX)

Focus on the Family

Stonewall Revisited (stories and testimonies of people who came out of homosexuality)

Free In Christ (an online support group for men)

Setting Captives Free (an online course for freedom from pornography and masturbation)