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(This page includes selected samples of my "naive" writing works. Im no professional writer or artist, I just write whatever inspires me.)

The NaÔve Sonís Pen

A Father gave his young son a pen for a welcome home gift and said to him, "write a loud whatever comes out in your heart and mind. I will not object to them but rather accept them as your own spoken words to me. I will not just read them but also listen to the tiny sound the pen makes as it glides on your paper. I will also give my attention to every movement of your muscles and every gush of blood in your vessels as you stroke your hands and fingers to write your first words. Thatís how precious you are to me my son. I will not only read and listen to you, I will also answer you back not only in writing but in many ways I can to reach you."

And the son, still naÔve in living his life through his Fatherís instruction and naÔve to use a pen and paper took his gift and started to do what his Father has just said.

Luke 15:24
"For this son of mine was dead and now he returned to life. He was lost, but now he is found."

Only Spectators
By Jason Bruce, 11/25/01

One day when I was walking home, I saw this sign Jesus is here in front of a big building. I decided to go inside to check it out. I noticed there was no long line of people curious to see Him. But I still decided to go inside. To my surprise, thousands of people have already been standing inside anticipating to see Jesus. Ive never seen so many people in my life in one place. It seems that all the people in the world are inside, all spectators of Jesus. The building was large enough to fit at least 10 thousand people. Its obviously bigger than a football field and directly in the middle is a while square platform where I think Jesus would come down on to from the sky and stand on it for everyone to see. They immediately shut the door when I got in. I think I was the last person to enter the building, the very last person out of thousands to squeeze inside the building.

I dont know whats in store for us spectators and I dont know what to expect about Jesus. Sure I know that a mere glace of Him will satisfy me and all people who are very thrilled waiting for Him and curious to see what He looks like and what He will do. I can feel a happy and festive mood in the air and I can see a high and agitated spirit in everyone inside the building, all excited to see the Son of God Jesus Christ. Come to think of it, everyone waited for a long time for this to come. Each person in the world went though a lot for this day. Each one have there own story to tell both good and bad which made them come this far and have this once in a life time opportunity in their lives. I myself cant wait for the day when I will see Jesus. Much have been said and told about Him and I have a lot of things I want to tell and ask Him if given the opportunity to come face to face to Him.

And then the He came in the middle of the crowd on top of the square platform. No loud thunder and lightning nor angels singing to announce his entrance. It just happened so fast and very ordinary. I have a clear view of Him from where I was standing. His face was glowing with brilliance. Everyone became silent when they got a glance of Jesus face. I myself was stunned with His outstanding presence. People were wiping and clearing their eyes to get a better view of Him. Mouths were opened and eyes were wide and they all exhaled a long deep breath upon His sight. In my mind I realized that from seeing Him alone, I now know what real beauty looks like.

The crowd started to cheer, dance and sing songs. Everyone seems to be trying to get His attention. Some were crying and some were laughing, but I remained calmed and silent as observe Jesus and the crowd around Him, for never in my world have I seen such mix expression of emotions toward one person.

But Jesus suddenly extended His arms and pointed His finger at my direction. Of all the thousands of people around Him calling His name, it was clear that He was looking at me. I was stunned. Our eyes met each other and I read in His lips as He whispered, I choose you.

I was surprised and felt dead. The people moved their eyes at me and now looks at me instead of Jesus. Whats going on? Why could He choose me? I said to myself. I am a nobody, I doesnt deserve this attention! Is Jesus crazy? Is He joking?

I cannot look at Him anymore. I felt like a fool and was so embarrassed and ashamed. I said to myself again no way! I cant do this and let a kind and wise God to look and choose me. It must be a mistake.

I sinned and offended Jesus so many times. My actions were always a slap on His face and my lungs breath words of doubt and mockery of Him. I shut my door to His face so many times. How could He do this to me?

I was trembling with shame and disbelief within the crowd and they continued to look at me. But I cant help it anymore, I belted out a loud scream saying, Jesus, how could you?

And there was dead silence.

I fell down on my knees weeping. I covered my face with my hands. I felt very stupid and felt I was stripped naked. I kept on saying aloud why, why, why, Jesus?

I remembered the days when I called upon the Lord for help and He didnt answer me. I recalled the number of times I waited for Him to rescue me but He didnt came. I went back thinking of the sufferings I experienced and how many times I cried to the Lord and He was nowhere to be found. I said with my hands and face on the ground why now Jesus in front of these people you said you want me? I needed you more in the past but you didnt show up. Why now?

Then I felt footsteps walking towards me, and I know it was Jesus coming on my way. I dont know what to do or say to Him. In my mind I was battling for words to say. But before I knew it, I felt His warm soft hands touched my shoulders. He helped me stand up and dust off my knees and arms. I can only do was weep and hide my face from Him.

Then Jesus put His arms around me and embraced me tightly. I tried to pull away but He didnt let me go. I buried my face from Him and to the rest of the crowd on His chest. And then He whispered softly in my ears its alright my son, Im here now.

Still trembling and close to His body, Jesus said to me look around you, these people are no spectators for my coming, but they came here to be spectator for you. And Jesus told me youve come home to me and its my nature as your true fathers to welcome and accept you unconditionally. I invited all these people who are your brothers and sisters to celebrate with me for your homecoming.

I was there in the past when you called and cried out to me for help. For you will not be here with me right now if I was not with you.

I listened to you when you called me, and these are my answers, He looked around the place and the crowd applauded and cheered, God is with you!

Then His eyes and mine met again. In His eyes I can see He was looking beyond my sorrow, and face to face He said to me, when its all been said and done my son, all that matters now is that you returned to me.

Hearing that final words from Jesus I knew that Im finally home around His arms and He will never let me go. He answered all my cries and questions. Hes always have and will always be with me no matter how my world crumbles me. Ive waited this far to see and hear Jesus, and no matter how long and hard it took me to get this far, its all worth it.

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